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Making sound better since 2009

What We Do

The Aardvark Mastering provides musicians, artists and record labels with over 15 years of audio mastering expertise, ensuring that your music sounds the best it possibly can.

We always listen to what your audio needs, first and foremost, and believe open and clear communication is the key to achieving the ideal result. Using cutting-edge tools from Focal, Chord, Weiss, Dangerous, DW Fearn, Black Box Analog and many more, any processing applied to your audio is of the highest resolution and always discerning.

Mix Appraisal

The best masters are made from the best mixes. Before we get to work on your music, we can listen to your tracks with a fresh pair of ears on a high-resolution monitoring system. This enables us to check that there's no fundamental improvements that could be made before mastering, ensuring your project truly reaches it's full potential.

Just get in touch via email, phone or the contact us form to arrange for us to listen to your work, dicuss your project and provide meaningful feedback.


stereo mastersprice
1-5 tracks£70 per track
6-10 tracks£65 per track
11+ tracks£60 per track

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