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What We Do

We always listen to what your audio needs, first and foremost - our work is driven by our keen ears and wealth of experience. Using a combination of the best analogue and digital tools from companies such as Prism, Chord, Focal, Elysia, DAV, and Chandler, any processing applied to your audio is of the highest resolution possible, and all from within an ideal listening environment.

The Aardvark Mastering provides musicians, artists, and record labels with over 15 years of audio mastering expertise, ensuring that your music sounds the best it possibly can. We strive to deliver the best possible results for every project that we undertake, whether it be for a major label or an independent artist, your work is always in the best hands.

To get your project mastered at The Aardvark Mastering, just get in touch via email, phone, or the enquiry form form.

Apple Digital Masters

The Aardvark Mastering is an approved Apple Digital Masters Provider (formerly Mastered For iTunes).
Apple's latest encoders can take advantage of every bit of high-resolution audio files, and the results, both for streaming and download, are almost indistinguishable from the original 24 bit lossless masters.
All masters created by The Aardvark Mastering are compatible with Apple Digital Masters standards by default. If you require masters for an alternative medium, such as CD or vinyl, please let us know when contacting us about your project.

Mix Appraisal

The best masters are made from the best mixes. Before we get to work on your music, we can listen to your tracks with a fresh pair of ears on a high-resolution monitoring system. This enables us to check that no fundamental improvements could be made before mastering, ensuring your project truly reaches its full potential.

Just get in touch via email, phone, or the enquiry form to arrange for us to listen to your work, discuss your project and provide meaningful feedback.

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